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1) 12V cigarette lighter power convertor
2) Connection ports
hand controller port
RA/DEC connection port
Autoguider Port
RS-232 Port to Communicate with a PC / USB port
Electric focusing port
3) an on/off switch
4) 9 Available Slew Speeds 1X 2X 8X 16X 64X 128X 256X (1°/sec), 512X (2°/sec), 1024X (4°/sec)
5) Real time clock - maintains time even when powered down
6) 12V DC Dual Servo Motors with integrated optical encoders
7) Polar alignment routines for Northern and Southern hemisphere
8) Anti-backlash calibration included . Anti-backlash value can be tested or set.
9) Tracking precision: RA 0.9 arcsecond, DEC 1.27 arcsecond
10) Filter limits - Displays only objects above the horizon
11) Over 120,000 sky objects including stars, sun, moon, planets, comets, asteroids, deep sky
objects, variables stars and 256 user-defined objects
12) 128x64 dot 8-Line 16 character big Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
13) 32bit CPU core run more quickly and calculate more accurately.
14) White LED illuminated reading light
15) 3 tracking rates: sidereal, lunar, and solar by auto or manual presetting
16) Smooth ramping of slew motors to reduce wear on drive train
17) Overload protection in RA and DEC
18) Live show various pointing parameters
19) Power voltage : 9V - 15V DC
20) Intelligent alignment, never align error. Celestial pole pointing error displayed after easy two star alignment.
21) Easy one star and two star align.
22) SKYMAP etc software is applied to communicate with PC
23) 32bit CPU, Motor controller error less than 10 arc seconds
24) Cable lines can be connectted to any ports which is very convenient and an innovative design!
25) Protect for power connect in reverse. No damage when connect in reverse.
26) Soft start and stop motor moving, no rush movement.
27) Patented high accuracy control algorithms offer great accuracy. Motor controller error less than 10 arc seconds.

New version with 270,000 object database - £375.00

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