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Running this business as much as for fun as for anything else, we come across some very helpful people.  Whenever, we can, we help each other to help others who have got a bit stuck, broken a part that they are not sure if it is worth or even possible repairing and of course, getting started in the first place.

We can now offer bespoke fabrication or alteration of existing kit. Whether it be a camera mount that needs changing, bespoke multiple scope mounts, adjustable or keyed dovetail bars or even motor brackets for those older mounts without GOTO facilities, with access to full workshop facilities this is now possible. With lathe and milling machine work, welding in both steel and more importantly aluminium, that piece of otherwise irretrievably broken or obsolete equipment could be given new life.

Free design, consultancy and quotation are available to allow you to explore options that may have been unavailable to you in the past.

For example, we recently had a client ask if our SLR camera adapter would fit over a 37mm eyepiece.  As it is, the answer is no as it has a 34mm diameter aperture.  However, we were able to get it bored out to 37mm (actually 37.29mm to allow it to fit easier) and hence one very happy customer.

So, if you have a problem, query or just an idea about something to do with telescopes and optical equipment you have nothing to lose by asking us.

On the other hand, if you run a specialist business and would like a bit of web space we could be happy to hear from you.

Astro Fix.

Following the above maxim, we are delighted to be able to link up to a revolutionary product called “Astro Fix”.  Ideally suited to Dobsonian telescopes and any others on an alt/az mount, Astro Fix shows you where your telescope is pointing in degrees and minutes.  You can use it like a kind of manual GOTO system and at £92.50 per unit, it is much, much less expensive.  Have a look at this extract about how it works.  Want to know more?  Contact the inventor Terry Whitehouse - remember to tell him where you learned about his amazing invention!

More information. Email inventor.